Rice Omelette

Ever have leftover rice? Sometimes I feed that to my starter. Makes nice bread. And sometimes I stir in some spicy sauce, and put it in an omelette.
If you have some vegetables in the freezer, thaw a handful and add them in.
Occasionally (or, every other time) this may fall apart on you. Luckily, a rice omelette is just scrambled eggs with rice under a different name (and maybe a little prettier). Better luck next time, but it's still a pretty decent lunch.

So. Microwave a quarter to a half a cup of frozen vegetables til thawed. (How much depends on how hungry you are, and how much you like stuffing in an omelette. The more goes in, the more of a mess you are likely to make,
Heat up your rice, if needed, and stir it into the vegetables. Add about a teaspoon of hot sauce (sriracha is quite popular in our apartment, as we are out of Dr. Gonzos), a drizzle of soy sauce (it's a minor crisis when we run out of mushroom soy sauce - or even misplace it), and see how it tastes. Add more as needed. Ketchup is apparently also an acceptable mix in, so try out whatever sounds good to you. Mustard? Peanut sauce? Why not? You're the one who will eat this mess, do whatever pleases you.

Heat your frying pan, at medium heat. While it heats up, beat two or three eggs (whether it is a two or three egg day I leave up to you - or more, if you like. At some point, you need a bigger pan though. To feed two people, use a bigger pan, five eggs, and halve the resulting giant omelette with a spatula. Or just make two omelettes.) together with a fork. Grind in a little black pepper, add a pinch of salt.

Put a teaspoon of butter or oil in the pan. It should melt and sizzle a bit. Now, pour your eggs in the pan. (If you want to add cheese, sprinkle that on the eggs now). Stir them a little with your fork for nicer scrambled bits, until they start to set, unless you like giant holes in your omelettes. Or, keep stirring and have scrambled eggs, Works too.
Let the eggs set to however cooked you like them. Slide the omelette up the side of the pan a little bit, and pour your rice mixture onto half of the egg circle. Then flip the other half of the egg (thus the sliding up, it makes this a little easier) over the rice, and slide it onto your plate. If it breaks horribly, dump it in your rice bowl instead and enjoy your scrambled eggs and rice. If it slides out nicely, success! Rice omelette. Enjoy.


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