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Banana Bread

Yesterday, I made banana bread.  I had five rather brown bananas, so what else was I going to do?

Make Banana Bread and smother it in butter, is the correct answer.
I used the basic recipe from joyofbaking, but with a few changes.  Half a cup of brown sugar for a half a cup of white sugar. A half a teaspoon each of ground ginger and cinnamon. And a half a cup of whole wheat flour for a half a cup of the all-purpose flour.  I enjoy the slight chewiness a partial substitution of whole wheat flour can bring to recipes, and I thought it might help soak up the extra moisture from using five bananas instead of three.  I also browned my butter, because I got carried away melting it on the stove. It's been a while since I baked anything, and I was having fun. And maybe also drawing out the process a little.  Since I'm in Germany now and didn't think to bring vanilla extract (I did think of it. But my bags were full enough already. One actually broke trying to zip it. Made for a fun…

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