I'm not a big fan of straciatelle in ice cream, or so I thought. As it turns out, I may just not like chocolate chips in ice cream. They get hard and chunky and so you just get cold waxiness that never quite melts enough to turn into something good, in my opinion. Feel free to disagree and put all the chocolate chips you want into your ice cream. I might turn occasional ice creams into straciatelle, though.
Originally I tried this out when my sister came to visit this summer - she enjoys straciatelle, and so I turned a half a batch of roasted banana ice cream into roasted banana straciatelle ice cream. When I was finally persuaded to try it myself, I found I quite liked it. The chocolate flakes were tiny and melted as you ate them, giving a fun lightly crunchy texture before turning into smooth chocolate to go with the cold banana. Traditionally, you use a vanilla ice cream, but why limit yourself? Peanut butter straciatelle sounds pretty good to me. Or anything else you want to combine with chocolate. Any type works for this, white, milk, bittersweet. If you are feeling really adventurous you could find out if cinnamon chips melt, and pour those in instead. (Maybe with a nice pumpkin ice cream?)

So. How-to?
Melted chocolate!
Pour it in at the end. That"s the short version.
The melted chocolate will harden as it touches the ice cream, ideally in a very thin layer that breaks as the dasher keeps going, so you get lots of tiny little chocolate flakes.
Slightly longer?
Chop 140g (5 ounces) of whatever chocolate you like.
Melt in a heatproof bowl over a water bath, or in the microwave.
Once your ice cream is churned/coming to the end of the churning, keep the dasher going just a little bit longer, and pour in your (possibly still warm) melted chocolate, slowly, but in a fairly steady stream (i.e don't dump it in all at once.). It's ok if it's still warm, it needs to be pourable.
Pour chocolate in now
But first, re-attach to the mixer. You want the dasher going while you pour.

It won't look like much at first, that's all right
Some of the chocolate will probably wind up all over the dasher, or stuck to one side. Just scrape it off with a spatula and stir it back in, it will probably be pretty thin and crunchy and break into the tiny pieces we want easily. And that's it. Move the ice cream to your containers and stick it in the freezer. Or don't. I won't judge if you eat straight out of the churn instead. (You might want to save a little bit though. The texture gets more fun as the ice cream chills from soft serve to proper ice cream, so save a little, to try later. )

This is actually a fudge layering. 
Did I mention we have a problem with ice cream disappearing?


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