Gingerbread Beasties

Today, Alligators and Dachshunds.
Story time: A long time ago, my parents worked for a vet that had one particularly troublesome patient. A very fat Dachshund. So fat its belly dragged on the floor. And every few months, its belly would rip open and need to be sewn up by the vet. This poor creature, behind closed doors, was dubbed "the fat crocodile".
One day, doggie came back in for yet another re-sewing. After this procedure, the vet, perhaps a bit fed up with this cycle, picked up the dog, put it on the table, and told the owners "Here, take your fat crocodile!"
Whether the owners ever returned, I do not know.
Family lore is unclear on this matter, but I can make inquiries.
I may have giggled my way through cutting out most of these.

I used this recipe. And gave it 48 hours in the fridge. I am sure that improved the dough. Definitely. It's supposed to chill for at least two, but as we know...48 hours always improves cookie dough. Had nothing to do with me forgetting the dough in the fridge. 

The cookies spread a bit. So now, we have fat alligators, and fat crocodiles. 


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