Seven Days of Sourdough, December

It’s December, which means for those of us that celebrate, it’s Advent, and more importantly, Cookie Season (which may transcend religious affiliation for many of us). For the past few days I have been taking the same pound of butter out of the fridge every day “to warm up” and then (usually) putting it back in at night, still wrapped, and unfortunately not combined with sugar and flour and everything spiced and good. Maybe I just need another week. Or maybe I just need a nice loaf of bread first.
My starter, Hubert, has been getting a bit grumpy (not unlike his owner), as it has been about a week since he got any attention (His owner, however, has no real excuse. Maybe chocolate deficiency.). So as a warmup, I thought I might start by giving him a little attention. Who knows, it could lead to cookies in the end, as I get distracted by all the flour and suddenly don’t remember how to stop pouring chocolate chips. If nothing else, we’ll have cinnamon rolls. 

Not the worst worst-case scenario I can come up with

Last night, I started a batch of sourdough waffle dough. Which I then made as pancakes. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And I was curious (I am new to waffle-making). Turns out, the waffles taste just as good when you make them as pancakes, they just have a few less crunchy ridges. I doubt I am the first one to come up with that brilliant realization. The fact that the store sells “waffle and pancake mix” should have given that one away. 
This is a waffle. Same batter, different day.
Also, it is important to try different toppings.

Earlier in the day, I started a whole wheat starter for some bread. Nothing too crazy, but sometimes, a nice loaf of bread doesn’t need to scream to get attention. All it needs is a little butter and nutella. Though you could say that about almost anything.
Two starters in one day? I began with the bread starter early-ish, so by the time I went to bed Bob had doubled. Good behaviour should be rewarded, so I gave him a trim and fed him before bed. Thus, the waffle-pancakes.
Tomorrow’s dough is already rising, and it’s cinnamon rolls. Most likely. The dough is usually cooperative and doesn’t mind if I cover it in jam instead. Or chocolate. Or nuts and sesame seeds. That last one might be the product of a tired mind, but at some point, I think I will have to test it out. Sesame seeds as a cinnamon roll quickly would everyone start running away? I’ll let you know once I try it.


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