Seven Days of Sourdough, December: Day 4

Yesterday I finished a gingerbread cake at about 2am, but I did feed my starter before then! For my purposes at least, I will let it count.
The rules of the Seven Days of Sourdough Challenge are, thus far, as follows: feed the starter daily. Use the “discarded” piece of starter in something.  
When you actually bake the final product can vary. Some things take longer than others, so tracking starter feedings is also much less confusing. (Otherwise you bake today’s cake but yesterday’s bread and suddenly, if you are me, you have no idea if it’s day four or five).  And yes, I just made these rules up. And yes, I am the only one (that I know of) playing in this odd and randomly-timed game. There's no real way to win, and even if you miss a day, you still can't really lose. Baked goods make a pretty good consolation prize.
 Apples, nuts, brown sugar and cinnamon

I baked the cinnamon rolls after the gingerbread cake. One thing about sourdough it sometimes takes a lot longer than I expect. Which is an advantage to commercial yeast, it rises nicely on a schedule. I meant to take the cinnamon rolls somewhere with me, but ran out of time, so they went back in the fridge for another few hours, and now we have two dozen rolls. Which don’t make a bad breakfast.
We still have a loaf and a half of bread, but given all the sweet things we have, today was a bread day anyway. Our bread-eating habits are unpredictable, but our cake-eating habits are much less so; with pumpkin bars, cinnamon rolls and gingerbread cake around, a chocolate cake would not get the attention it deserves. 

Bread would also like attention. Or peanut butter.
After a lot of thought (very little really) I decided today’s loaves will be mostly white and olive (because I saw them in the fridge). I added a teaspoon of commercial yeast, thinking of perhaps baking them tonight, but changed my mind. So they shall sit in the fridge overnight and become better breads for it tomorrow.
Tomorrow's sourdough something? I have no idea yet. We will find out when we get there. I also take suggestions if anyone has anything in mind!
 Having some fun with the frosting.
 Got a little carried away...
All that is left.


  1. holy cow. amazing. i was linked this blog by your sis! everything looks so incredible.


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